Bif Support

If you have an issue with bif please first make the effort to read the documentation and search the internet for an answers before asking for help. It may well be that the issue has already been seen and solved.

If you are still stuck you should prepare a message as if you were answering the following questions:

1. What does bif show version print?
2. What goal are you trying to achieve?
3. What commands are you running?
4. What (output) did you expect (to see)?
5. What (output) actually occurs?

You can possibly speed things along by already running your failing commands with the --debug flag although be aware that for some commands (e.g. bif-init the output can be quite large.

Community Support

The bif community expects (and should offer) respectful communication with all of its members. The main communication channel is email. You can subscribe to the mailing list via and then send your messages to <>.

Commercial Support

There is no known commercial support for bif available at this time.

Raising Security Issues

If you have a bif or bifax security issue to report please use the email address Messages received at this address not related to bif security will be ignored.