bif-upgrade - upgrade a repository


0.1.5_8 (yyyy-mm-dd)


bif upgrade [OPTIONS...]


The bif-upgrade command upgrades the current repository database to match the running version of bif.

bif upgrade
# Database remains at v1.318
# UUIDs ok UUIDs

After the upgrade is committed the bif-check command is run to ensure the respository information is consistent. As an administration command, bif-upgrade is only shown in usage messages when the --help option is used.

Arguments & Options

--force, -f
Force the upgrade to occur even if the repository database version matches the bif software version. This is equivalent to dumping the data, initializing a new repository and loading the data back in.
By default the --force option keeps the existing UUIDs for nodes and changes. During development however the schema may change, making the UUIDs invalid. This option discards the old UUIDs and recalculates new ones when rebuilding. Only upgrades local changes!
If an upgrade fails the temporary destination database (db-v1.sqlite3-next) is usually removed. This option prevents that from happening and also sets the keep_invalid bifkv before the upgrade. This is mostly a development/debugging option.

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