bif-sql - run an SQL command against the database


0.1.5_8 (yyyy-mm-dd)


bif sql [STATEMENT...] [OPTIONS...]


The bif sql command runs an SQL statement directly against the database of the current bif repository.

bif sql "select id,message from changes"

If STATEMENT is not given on the command line it will be read from stdin. If the statement begins with "select", "pragma" or "explain" the results of the statement will be fetched and displayed. Otherwise the return value of the statement (DBI "do" method) will be printed.

By default a read-only handle for the database is used. Note that "pragma" statements would therefore require the --write flag to succeed, even if they are only returning data.

Arguments & Options

The SQL statement text to execute. You will possibly want to use single quotes around this argument (or escape shell characters like "*") to prevent unwanted shell expansion messing with your query.
Do not print results but return them to the calling subroutine as a Perl data structure. This option is only useful for internal test scripts.
--test, -t
Send the output to Test2::Plugin::Basic's diag function. Useful for debugging database state when running tests.
--user, -U
Run the statement against the user identity database instead of against the current repository database.
--write, -w
Run statement with a writeable database handle (default is read-only).

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