bif-show-work - review work entries


0.1.5_8 (yyyy-mm-dd)


bif show work [PERIOD] [OPTIONS...]


The bif-show-work command prints work activity as recorded by the bif-work command.

$ bif show work
 CID  2016-11-27     Activity [5 days ago]  03:00
 .17  00:00 - 14:51  x: lkasfd              14:51
 .18  13:45 - 23:59  x: lkasfd              10:14
 .20  10:00 - 13:00  x: dsfa dfsa fdsa      03:00

Times are always displayed in the local timezone in effect at the time they were recorded. Entries are ordered chronologically.

The last header column contains the total time recorded for the interval group (day, week, month).

Arguments & Options

The time interval to display work entries for. Valid values include:
--identity, -i IDENTITY_ID
Limit work buffer/delta items displayed to those created by IDENTITY_ID. Use "-" to see all identity work deltas.

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