bif-new-org - create a new org


0.1.5_8 (yyyy-mm-dd)


bif new org [PATH] [TITLE] [OPTIONS...]


The bif-new-org command creates a new org node.

For example, to create a local org:

$ bif new org myproject

Create a sub-org:

$ bif new project myorg/child

Arguments & Options

An identifier for the org that specifies its hub, parent org, and name. The org is assumed to be "local" if the first part of the path does not identify a known hub. The PATH is prompted for if not provided.
A short summary of what the org is about. Will be prompted for if not provided.
--dup, -d SRC
Duplicate the new org title and status types (project-status, issue-status, task-status) from SRC, where SRC is an existing org path. The SRC title can be overriden by providing a TITLE as the second argument as described above.
--message, -m MESSAGE
The org description. An editor will be invoked to record a MESSAGE if this option is not used.

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